Promoting, Strengthening & Supporting Senior Center Professionals

Benefits of Membership


The purpose of the Michigan Association of Senior Centers is to promote and strengthen the profession of senior center management and senior centers within the aging network. Join the Michigan Association of Senior Centers today!

There are two types of membership opportunities available:

Senior Center
Granted to any organization established and operating in the state of Michigan that, through its physical structure and programming, is commonly considered a Senior Center. New in 2008: Membership belongs to the senior center rather than an individual employed at the senior center. Member organizations may list multiple representatives from their organization at no additional cost. Active employee representatives from the organization may serve as officers, members-at-large, serve on committees as members and/or chairperson. Each senior center organizational membership shall be granted 1 vote.

Affiliated Organization
Granted to any organization and/or commercial firm which is associated and affiliated with senior centers and/or through its structure has exhibited a bona fide interest in the senior center field. Note: affiliated organization membership offers no power to vote or privilege to sit on committees as members or chairs.

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